Welcome to The Neighborhood Giving Project!

Our Mission: To inspire our children to be better citizens of the world by providing hands-on, hands-together community service opportunities; to enrich their learning with civic responsibility, social justice, and charitable action.

The Neighborhood Giving Project (NGP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides busy families organized community service activities and events in the Oak Park, Illinois area.

We are focused on projects that are developmentally appropriate for youth. Projects that are bite-sized, kid-centered, and genuinely fun; projects that children can invent and implement themselves!

With topics ranging from hunger and homelessness, to disaster-relief, to taking care of the environment and more, there is always an open opportunity to get involved and learn something new.

Our events and workshops benefit existing Oak Park area organizations, and they benefit our family participants too; children engage in their community, the community gets a helping hand, and families spend quality time together.

NGP was selected as the Outstanding Philanthropic Group for 2014 by the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation.

Join us!

What's Happening NOW

Save the date:
January 9th
more info to come

NGP Members spending time with the residents of Hephzibah Home
Friday, December 11th

NGP Members sponsoring two seniors for Holiday Food and Gift Basket, December 2015

Friday, December 4th
update: All volunteer positions have been filled, thank you      Sign up here

Our 5th annual Giving Thanks Campaign delivered over 800 letters! 810, at last count! That's the largest participation we've had. Thanks to all who participated to show some gratitude to folks that work hard in our community.